12mm Dark Oak 2 Strip Laminate

Bishops 12mm Old Victorian Oak Laminate Flooring reaches ultimate levels of realism. A Beautiful Dark Oak 2 strip Laminate Flooring. Its surface is matt embossed, reproducing the most exquisite of features, giving the floor a natural look and tactile feel. Beautifully rich and vibrant, this floor consists of a deep and opulent Antique stain, with a modern twist. The Antique shades are heightened to accentuate the varied grain markings throughout, remaining traditional resulting in pure aesthetic beauty. Boards feature lengths of 1215mm, have a width of 196mm and an overall thickness of 12mm. Once laid, the floor portrays a synchronous appearance, with further depth and definition added to the floor due to the 4v bevels on each side of the plank.

Code: 0012-3

Design: Planks

Thickness: 12mm

Width: 196mm

Length: 1215mm

Finish: Embosed/ Textured

Bevel: Micro Beveled

Pack Size: 2.28yd2 / 1.91m2


Installation is quick and easy due to the Drop and Lock click laminate flooring. There is no need for any glue or adhesives for fitting, only a light or heavy underlay depending on the make-up of the building.

  1. Lay underlay out on the floor
  2. Lay the first row out appropriately
  3. Continue with subsequent rows
  4. Fit around door
  5. Finishing Details

If in doubt follow the link to watch a video on how to lay drop and click laminate flooring


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