12mm Grey Rustic Laminate Flooring

Grey Rustic Laminate, Dark Oak Base with heavy white streaks running through each board adding a chic, modern day look and feel. The rustic oak finishes brings character and warmth to any room.

V-Groove 12mm Laminate Flooring has a 25 year guarantee for heavy domestic usage, making it suitable to be fitted into any location in the home. It is also suitable to be fitted in general commercial locations. The bevelled edge defines each plank as individual and the textured surface gives this high quality laminate floor a look and touch close to that of real wood, add to this the contemporary decors and you have an all-round quality laminate floor. Its wide planks will make the ambience in the room feel homely and welcoming. Easy maintenance as the HDF make-up offers a scratch/stain free surface.


Code: Wolfskin 3701
Design: Planks
Thickness: 12mm
Width: 195mm
Length: 1200mm
Finish: Embosed/ Textured
Bevel: Micro Beveled
Pack Size: 1.69yd2 / 1.41m2



Installation is quick and easy due to the Drop and Lock click laminate flooring. There is no need for any glue or adhesives for fitting, only a light or heavy underlay depending on the make-up of the building.

  1. Lay underlay out on the floor
  2. Lay the first row out appropriately
  3. Continue with subsequent rows
  4. Fit around door
  5. Finishing Details

If in doubt follow the link to watch a video on how to lay drop and click laminate flooring




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