Antique French Oak

Engineered Flooring

Suitable for almost every room in your home that needs re-flooring. Engineered wood flooring is cleverly constructed so it doesn’t expand and contract in the same way as solid wood floor. Made up of layers of different types of wood, it is topped off with solid hardwood, which means it looks just like solid wood but is more versatile.

White Oak

Oak is a wood that is known for its strength and long life. You can be sure by choosing this option that you’re getting a strong and long-lasting product.


Antique French Oak has been smoked, brushed and UV Lacquered, this  treatment has been applied to enhance certain aspects of the oak floor, the streaks and the rustic boards bring character and charisma to any home.  This wood flooring has been finished with a UV filter and has been lacquered. Meaning that it will be able to stand up to the negative effects of sunlight and extreme natural light. Adding to the strength of the floor.

Grade – DEF (Antique Oak)

The low DEF Grade means the board will contain alot of nuts and color variation. This low grade engineered board can also be described as Antiqued as it uses the rustic style and nature of the board to create a classic floor design.

14(3.5)mm x 190mm x 1900mm

The overall thickness of the board is 14mm with a 3.5mm solid oak top layer that brings with it the option to sand the floor down in later years.


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