EN 14293 compliant bicomponent epoxy-polyurethane adhesive with excellent tack and filler properties for adhering
wooden floorings of any type and format on absorbent and non-absorbent cement substrates, anhydrite screeds,
wooden boards and cast asphalt, and onto existing floors in marble slabs and tiles, stone tiles, ceramic and metal
panels etc. SIPOL is suitable for adhering parquet to substrates with underfloor heating.


Appearance: Component A: thick paste; Component B: dense liquid
Colour: Component A: beige; Component B: light or dark
Chemical base: epoxy-polyurethane resin
Catalyst ratio: 9:1
Specific density of mixture: 1.55 g/cm³
Solid residue of mixture: 97 %
Viscosity of mixture: 250.000-300.000 mPa.s (spindle 7, RPM 2)
Pot life: approx. 75 min
Dilution: dilution not necessary, may be diluted with PROMOX if required
Application: with LECHNER No. 2 or 6 notched trowel, depending on size of wood floor
elements and flatness of substrate.
Yield: 1000-1300 g/m²
Tensile adhesion (wood on concrete): > 3 N/mm² (failure of concrete)
Application temperature: from +10℃ to +30℃
Working time: approx. 75 min
Ready for foot traffic: approx. 12 hours
Definitive curing time: approx. 24-48 hours
Cleaning tools: with SOLVENTE CH 500 thinner while product is still fresh
Storage temperature: from +10℃ to +25℃
Storage shelf life: 12 months in original, unopened containers
Usage: indoor
Suitable for wheelchairs: YES
Suitable for heated underfloors: YES
Safety instructions: See safety data sheet
Packaging: Component A, 9 Kg tub; Component B, 1 Kg plastic bottle.


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