Coverage: approx 10m2

For floors finished with LTP Ironwax Satin or Gloss. Routinely sweep the floor. Use LTP Floorshine to clean and protect the floor. In areas where the seal becomes worn, apply more sealer. On floors finished with LTP Clear Wax or LTP Antique Wax use LTP Waxwash. At some stage, complete renovation of the seal may be desired. In this case use LTP Grimex to strip the surface before re-sealing.

Oil Based Pre-Polished Sealer
For Interior & Exterior use
Suitable for porous stone and terracotta.
Easy to apply oil based impregnating sealer ideal for low porosity stone & terracotta. Enhances the colour and texture of floors. Offers good mechanical strength once cured.

Directions for use
Shake well.
Ensure surface to be treated is completely dry and free from contaminants which may prevent LTP Stone Oil from properly curing. Apply by brush or clean fluff-free cloth depending on the required application. Please note more porous floors may require more than one application, remove any excess sealer that has not been fully absorbed within 1 hour. Leave to cure for a minimum of 24 hours before finishing the surface with LTP Clear Wax,LTP Antique Wax, LTP Ironwax Satin or LTP Ironwax Gloss.
Important: If using this product outside finish with a coat of LTP Mattstone to offer extra protection. Used cloths should be burnt after use as they may spontaneously combust.


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