One‐component fast curing polyurethane primer, water‐ and solvent‐ free, for wood flooring and flooring installations. As barrier damp membrane for blocking the capillarity dampness up to 5% CM on cement based moisture‐resistant surfaces without warm water underfloor heating. Odourless anti‐dust and consolidating treatment for all critical dried mineral absorbent surfaces with or without warm water underfloor heating before bonding with reaction resin adhesives. Suitable for warm water underfloor heating (not as a moisture barrier) and
for exposure for castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529. For professional use only.
Compatible with Sipol – Sipol Free – Sipol Eco – Legnopol 2000 – Polibond – Polibond Elastic and SMP Bond.

• Very rapid hardening • Low viscosity primer
• Water free
• Solvent free
• Easy to apply
• Excellent penetration

Consumption on warm water UHF: as anti dust treatment approx. 100 g/sqm as consolidating treatment approx. 100 g/sqm
Consumption on mineral subfloors: see application chart/curing times as waterproofing approx. 400 g/sqm
Pack size: 10 kg


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