Travertine, a derivative of Limestone, is a beautifully formed sedimentary rock.

The natural pits and voids that feature on its surface give each tile a unique identity, while its warm, earthy tones will add a touch of glamour to any home.

This Natural Stone or Travertine tile is suitable for creating a beautiful look in any Bathroom, Conservatory or Kitchen on Floors or Walls.

Species: Travertine
Colour: Romano Classic
Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm / 300x300mm
Finish: Tumbled

Romano Classic Noche Tumbled

The design shown was made up using various types of travertine such as yellow travertine as well as Travertine Noche tumbled.

This is a 300x100mm tile that is used to create various patterns. It’s versatiliy allows it to be used as a floor border as well as a center piece.


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